There are so many exciting things to do when one comes over to visit Jamaica while you are on your vacations or weekend getaways for a bit of much needed rest and relaxation. The charming town of Falmouth in Jamaica is one such destination where you can truly enjoy yourselves for some fun and adventure while on some of the best holiday deals available in the Caribbean. Here below are some of the most popular things to do and experience when visiting this important Jamaican port.

Falmouth is in close proximity to some of Jamaica's leading attractions and adventures including rafting on the Martha Brae River; the Greenwood Great House (also a former a Barrett residence); Swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cove, Nature adventure tours at Chukka Caribbean Adventure Tours, Outameni Experience and also Jamaica's wild heart: the Cockpit Country, the mountainous home to flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world.

Founded by the great grandfather of the famous British Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Falmouth emerged during the sugar boom of the 18th century and became one of the most opulent towns of its time.
The town is a living museum of 19th-century Georgian architecture, for many of its old buildings have been preserved and restored over the years. It is also the ideal place for a walking tour, with its well-laid-out streets following a grid. Start: Parish Church. Finish: Lower Harbour Street. Distance: 1 ½ hours -top

Rafting on the Martha Brae
Experience the thrill or bask in tranquility and romance.
Take an exhilarating river ride on a 30-foot bamboo raft and be captivated by the intriguing legend of Martha's Gold hidden away in a mysterious cave yet to be discovered. The 3-mile raft ride piloted by a trained Raft Captain relaxes your mind and body as it renews your spirit. Revive your love for nature's beauty evidenced in picturesque snapshots during the 90-minute journey through the verdant countryside of a tropical splendor. The tour includes Round trip transportation, complim-entary drink (fruit drink),and a visit to Miss Martha’s Herb Garden. -top

Glistening  Waters
On the Luminous Lagoon Glistening Waters is located middway between the town of Falmouth and the Trelawny Beach Hotel on the main road between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Many visitors take a boat tour at night to see the amazing natural phosphorescence in the waters just offshore. If you take a swim, your whole body will glow in the dark! The correct term for the glowing light in this bay is bioluminescence, because it is produced by small living animals known as dinoflagellates. -top

Greenwood Great House
Greenwood Great House is the finest antique museum in the Caribbean and indeed the greatest Great House in Jamaica.
Built during an era of elegance and brutality, Greenwood has retained the atmosphere of the 19th century and continues to capture the imagination of its visitors Built by the Barretts of Wimpole Street London in 1800, the home still has much of its original furniture. In fact, Greenwood has the largest and rarest collection of musical instruments and books in the island. -top

Outameni Experience
The Outameni Experience offers a cultural and historical view of Jamaica through a 90-minute tour. Interactive tour depicted in small replica villages showing the evolution of Jamaica's culture through Taino, Spanish, African, English, Indian and Chinese influences. The attraction offers a unique blend of music, art, dance, film, drama and an opportunity to sample authentic Jamaican cuisine. Outameni Experience will tantalize all your senses in this interactive journey with a colourful mosaic enriched by the vibrant spirit and culture of the Jamaican people. -top

Dolphin Encounter
"Treasure Reef” is a mini replica of Port Royal that includes a Village where Pirates roaming,z Shops, Entertainment and Fun are the order of the day. Visit “Little Port Royal” a replica of Jamaica’s most famous pirate “Haunt”. Witness pirates roaming through town; maybe you’ll find a gold coin or two. Listen to the rhythms of Caribbean Music. Sample the tropical fruits and spices. Try our World’s Famous Blue Mountain Coffee at our own Star Buccaneer’s Coffee Shop. Have your hair braided. Relax and enjoy the whole day at Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef in Ocho Rios. -top

Green Grotto Caves

Known at various times as the Runaway Bay Caves, Cave Hall Caves, Discovery Bay Caves, Dry Harbour Caves, Hopewell Caves, Rum Caves and Dairy Caves, are among Jamaica's most prominent natural attractions. They are of international repute and have been seeing visitors since the 18th century. Situated on 25.9 hectares of the island's beautiful North Coast. The central feature of this natural attraction is the large labyrinthine limestone cave with its numerous rock formations, its stalactites, stalagmites and abundance of overhead ceiling pockets. -top


CRANBROOK: Flower Forest & River Head Adventure Trail
A unique eco-tourism attraction sited on 130 acres of tropical forest including 40 acres of landscape gardens. Cranbrook offers a hiking trail along the Little River that leads to the cathedral-like source of the river with the water rising from a 14 foot deep pool. See dozens of tropical plants, flowers and birds, relax by the river or frolic on the 4 large lawns. Ideal for nature lovers, weddings and group get togethers. -top

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