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About Falmouth Jamaica

A little history of Falmouth

The town was planned from the start, with wide streets, adequate water supply, and public buildings. It even had piped water before New York City. Falmouth has a number of interesting historic buildings in the Jamaican Georgian architectural style. One organization that has taken an interest in this work is Falmouth Heritage Renewal, a non-profit organization.

Although the best way to capture the essence of Falmouth is to do a complete walking tour, there are some buildings that stand out, even more so after restoration. One such building is the Baptist Manse on Market Street near the waterfront, an imposing stone structure with a stately wooden staircase. Reputed to have housed the first Masonic Temple in Jamaica, this building has changed hands many times. Perhaps its most notable owner was  William Knibb,  an abolitionist. Today it is a flagship structure in the town’s restoration. The completed project will not only contribute to the physical renewal of the town, but also to the cultural revival of the community. The lower level of the building will house a community-based initiative, while the upper level will be an art gallery displaying the work of local artists. The town also has served as a backdrop location for several movies and TV series, among them Passion and Paradise and Return to Treasure Island, to name a few.

Falmouth in1844

Convenient location

Situated between Montego Bay (20 minute drive) and Ocho Rios (30 minutes), Falmouth is the fourth Jamaican port to serve the cruise industry.  Guests arriving in Falmouth is able to choose between the shore excursion options in both Ocho Rios and Montego Bay since the new port is in the same distant from both of these towns.