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Where to eat

Margaritaville Falmouth

Full-serve Restaurant and Bar
Swim-up Bar, Pool & Whirlpool
Waterfall Feature. Exclusive Access to Spice Kitchen, Authentic Jamaican Cuisine


Serves up the finest in fresh seafood, escovitched fish, curried goat and lobster along with conch soup and Jerk chicken


Tastee has always been known for its delectable Jamaican pastries

Try some of these fruits when you visit Jamaica

Jamaica is known for its sand, sun and beach, but it is also famous for it food such as jerk, curry, fish, lobster along with countless flavours that stimulates the taste bud.

Otaheite apple
Try a piece of sugar cane
Don't forget the coconut water
Ask for a slice of Pineapple
Star apple

Jamaica Street Food

Jerk chicken, fish, lobster….  Street food in Jamaica is popular with the locals…