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Braco Stables

Braco Stables Riding on the Beach
Braco-Stables Horseriding
Horses Outdoors

A truly fun and enjoyable experience for the whole family! Here at Braco Stables, we offer horseback riding – a tour through the scenic countryside, onto the shore and swimming bareback with the horses on a beautiful, private beach.

The ride commences from the Stables and you are taken through the scenic countryside, passing tranquil farmlands of the locals living close by. The friendly and humorous guides give a narration of the scenery and area  telling the story of Jamaica. There is even an old abandoned airstrip, which was built during the 2nd World War and was later used for smuggling of marijuana “ganja”.

Braco Stables is only 15 minutes drive from the new Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier.